Press release 19th November 2018

WP Kød A/S becomes Öxneholm A/S

WP Kød A/S is re-launched under the brand Öxneholm A /S and puts sustainability on the agenda.

WP Kød A/S has been producing and supplying quality meat since 1972. We have worked with pride to always meet our customers’ needs, always with our passion for tasteful meat first.
One of the things we have not been so good at is to tell about everything we do. We will now make up for that with a new name and an upgrade of the sales department, as well as increased focus on eating less meat – but better and higher quality.

We recognize that meat production is climate-threatening. Some of our core values have always been honesty and responsibility, and when you love high quality meat as we do, we have decided to deliver the most tasteful meat that can be produced in a sustainably way. That is what we call Öxneholm, which will be our name from January 1, 2019.

Our vision of sustainable production

When you buy and enjoy Öxneholm, you can rest assured that our meat has been produced and delivered with the highest possible consideration of global sustainability, as described in UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A development based on the fact that we must leave the globe in the same or better condition than when we took it over.
When we write the globe, it applies both to the country of origin of the raw materials and of course the local production in Roskilde. In the conversion from WP Kød to Öxneholm, we have initiated a dynamic process with a review of all production processes, such as electricity and water consumption, waste management and distribution. We are not even close to the goal of everything yet, but we have started a development towards becoming an as responsible and environmentally sound supplier as possible. Öxneholm is the tastiest and most sustainably produced meat you can serve for your guests.

– Öxneholm means “Love for meat” – Bon appetite!

Quote Jesper Ahrnberg, CEO at Öxneholm A/S: “After almost a year of looking inside, we are now ready to show that we take responsibility and at the same time do not hide the fact that we have love for meat throughout the process!”
Quote Jens Rud Petersen, Sales Director at Öxneholm A/S: “It has always been our prime task to provide exactly the meat and quality that our customers demand. In the future we will tell the whole story. ”

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